It's time for fun, fists, and physics with upcoming free to play party brawler Rumble Club

The first rule of Rumble Club is to tell all of your friends about Rumble Club, so you can engage them in the physics-based multiplayer mayhem that's just been demonstrated during the Future Games Show Spring Showcase.

After 20 players are launched into the Arena, it's time to fight for survival through a part beat-'em-up, part assault course free for all! Navigate rolling conveyor belts, rotating cogs, and swinging wrecking balls while you try to avoid taking damage that knocks you down, leaving you at the mercy of your enemies.

In Punch Royale mode (your classic battle royale set up), you need to smack, shove, and throw your opposing Punchies (as they're named) into the liquid Goop that surrounds the arena for an elimination, while the platforms you stand on gradually fall away to narrow down the battleground. You can launch yourself from a cannon to relocate to a different part of the arena, or use power up gadgets to get a competitive edge over your rivals – including driving a mini tank or deploying what appears to be a giant donut creature!

Battle royale isn't the only option here though, with other game modes available including holding your ground in King of the Hill, and Sugar Rush where you need to gather up and eat as many Cupcakes as possible. There will also be new Event modes available on a daily basis to add even crazier twists to the proceedings, and all of these modes can be played on your own or with a team using cross-play between PC and mobile.

If you're ready to join Rumble Club, you can wishlist it now on Steam before its upcoming free to play release on April 23, or visit to sign up for the playtest and get a head start on the action.

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Iain Wilson
Guides Editor

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