Rugrats In Paris: The Movie review

This second big-screen outing for Nickelodeon's pint-sized heroes may up the stakes a little by taking place in the City Of Light, but otherwise it's business as usual for TV's best-loved sprogs. Listen closely and you'll hear vocal contributions from Debbie Reynolds, Susan Sarandon and John Lithgow, although in every other respect this is simply an extended episode of the series, which, like those awful Pokémon movies, doesn't bother to improve upon the original's functional animation.

Unlike Pokémon, however, some effort has been made to ensure the experience is at least partly entertaining for grown-ups. The opening scene is an enjoyable skit on The Godfather, with spoiled brat Angelica in the Brando role, while the excursion to EuroRaptorland is a thinly veiled attack on Disney's imperialist ambitions.

None of this will mean a thing to toddlers, but it should at least make the film less of an ordeal for parents or babysitters.

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