How to download Roller Champions and play Ubisoft's competitive skating game now

How to download Roller Champions

If you saw Ubisoft's new skating game at E3 2019 you're probably wondering how to download Roller Champions. It's free right now as a demo/technical alpha that Ubi want people to play and test for feedback, ahead of a full release.  

The newly announced Roller Champions is currently available as a limited time demo (from June 10 to June 14) and that's a win on all sides - we get a free game and Ubi get free testers. The developer wants feedback and that's a price most of us are willing to pay. 

How to download Roller Champions

Roller Champions has a free to play demo between June 10 to June 14. You'll need a Uplay account but that's easy to set up and genuinely worth having if you play a lot of Ubi games - the currency you earn unlocks all sorts of bonus and extra gear across all of Ubisoft's games. 

To download Roller Champions head here and, if you don't have a Uplay account, just register quickly and then the game is yours to play. All that's left to do is master its roller derby meets Rocket League action and let Ubisoft know what you think. 

As I mentioned there's a very Rocket League feel to the contained arenas, that promote plenty of wall riding acrobatics. Although this is more controlled as you're playing people with hands and not cars full of hope and dubious physics.

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