Rogue Warrior prepping for battle

Thursday 26 October 2006
Further filling out Xbox 360's ranks of terrorist-clobbering military shooters, the creator of Oblivion will be bringing gun-fest Rogue Warrior to the console next year, reports Official Xbox 360 Magazine.

Hold those 'Counter-Strike meets Oblivion' thoughts, though, because the grunt-work on the game is being done by developer Zombie, not the RPG bods at Bethesda that we know and love. However, there's still a touch of that one-million-hours-of-play spirit in Rogue Warrior's Live multiplayer aspect - its 24-player shootouts can take place in hybrid levels with over 200 possible combinations.

At the start of a match, both teams choose their favourite chunk of level, while a third is picked at random to be plonked in with them in the final environment - so even veteran players won't know quite what they're getting into.

We'll have more on Rogue Warrior when the official media blitz is deployed next week.