Rockstar is working on multiple unannounced games, according to former employee

Bully 2
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Rockstar is working on multiple unannounced projects according to a former Rockstar India employee. The news surfaced thanks to Angith Jayarajan, who was recently interviewed by StayAbode. Jayarajan spoke about their career as a 3D artist, during which he revealed that he worked on some Rockstar games that haven't been announced yet. 

"After that I worked at Rockstar Games," Jayarajan said, "I worked on Red Dead Redemption 2 and a couple of games I can’t name yet." Unfortunately that's the extent of what was said about the mysterious Rockstar projects, but it does at least confirm the studio is working on some titles that haven't been revealed yet.  

While we don't really know what these games are for certain, there have been plenty of rumblings in recent months about the possibility of someday seeing the release of Bully 2. In fact, news even recently came to light that some Rockstar sources reportedly revealed the Bully sequel existed and was even playable, but "never got off the ground." 

Of course it's not outside the realms of possibility that Rockstar could already be working on a GTA 6 given that GTA 5 released a little over six years ago. The studio also still owns the rights to Max Payne, which also adds a potential Max Payne 4 to the list of possible projects that could have been worked. Aside from the known franchises they could be working on, there's always the chance Rockstar could surprise us a new IP, but we know until more news surfaces. 

It's also possible that these secret projects could head to next-gen consoles since both Xbox Project Scarlett and the PS5 have announced holiday 2020 release dates. In the meantime, Rockstar has announced it will be bringing its latest release Red Dead Redemption 2 to PC in November. The studio also revealed its own game launcher which puts all of its titles in one place. 

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