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Play car soccer with the Batmobile in upcoming Rocket League DLC

Normally you'd need to break into the Batcave to play car soccer with the Batmobile (unless you want to try carjacking Batman), but the next DLC for Rocket League will make the process much simpler. The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack will send the Dark Knight's new ride tumbling into Rocket League, letting players boost across the pitch and through the air with techno-gothic style.

The Batmobile won't handle any differently from the cars that come with the game - it's purely for show. Criminal goons on the other team might shriek "It's the bat!" and disconnect when they notice what you're driving, though. The pack also adds three antenna flags so you can pledge future sport fealty to the crossover film's main heroes: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

The $1.99 car pack will hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 8, giving you a few weeks to get acquainted with the Batmobile before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits US theatres on March 25.

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Connor Sheridan
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