Rob Zombie talks his Halloween plans

All right, so Halloween was yesterday and you’re probably either reading this glad that it’s all over with or swallowing pills to try and combat the monster stomach ache from scoffing too many sweets.

But horror icon Rob Zombie chatting to MTV about his plans was just too good not to cover. The man behind The Devil’s Rejects has been given the reigns of the Halloween franchise, and has finally revealed his vision for Michael Myers and his scary Shatner mask.

"The remake thing is done all the time, but it's not done well," Zombie says. "I don't think it's because someone feels inspired, it's done because someone sees money. Truthfully, if I couldn't see any way to do this, I wouldn't do it because it's a challenging project.

"My first reaction was I didn't see the point of any of this," Zombie adds. "Then I went away and thought about it for a couple months and started thinking that that was maybe a weird attitude to have."

So what does he have in his diabolical mind for Myers? “I want the lead character to be Michael Myers. He's not just a faceless thing floating around in the background and then you focus on these girls. I feel that that's where you can make it different and that's where you can make it more intense."

And he also has more ideas for Dr Loomis, the shrink who first tries to warn people about the killer’s rampage. "I felt the character of Dr Loomis just popped in and out when they needed somebody to say something dramatic. I wanted his story to feel more intertwined with Michael in a way that means something, which they did in the original, but sometimes it feels like he disappears for a long period and then just pops up to go, 'He's evil!' and then he disappears again for a while."

So expect plenty of character and more surprises from the new film, which Zombie swears will not be a straight remake. "There's a lot of great stuff they hint at [in the original], but you never see. That's where I think there's potential to make something unique.

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source:( MTV )

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