Rob Marshall directing Pirates 4?

For a while now, the Pirates Of The Caribbean has been a franchise without a rudder, floating in a sea of uncertainty.

But it looks like Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer might have found a captain for the money-earning vessel to replace Gore Verbinski who jumped ship for his own projects.

The name of the replacement? Rob Marshall, if Variety's sources are correct.

Yes, he might be best known for Chicago and the less successful adaptation of Memoirs Of A Geisha, but he's apparently close to locking down a deal to direct the fourth film.

That would be good news for the Mouse House, which wants to keep the franchise afloat and have Johnny Depp star in it before he moves on to The Lone Ranger.

He's a strange choice given his lack of an action background, but then eyebrows were raised when Verbinski got the original Pirates gig and that turned out okay...

[Source: Variety ]

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