Rise of the Argonauts unveiled - shots and trailer inside

Developer Liquid Development is working away on Rise of the Argonauts, a new action-RPG set in the mythical era of Jason and the Argonauts, coming to Windows and "major console platforms" next year.

You take control of Jason as you explore and battle your way through the jungles, cities and forests of Aegean, ancient Greece. If you're deadly enough to witness the epicness, click the Movies tab above for a glimpse at the gore in motion. Or click the Images tab if you prefer still-life carnage.

Hercules, Achilles, Atalanta and other big heroes will also turn up for the show as you clash with legions of soldiers and some no-doubt massive, screen-filling creatures. The gods will also be putting a boot in, as they usually do in these mythical plots, offering Jason new powers once he's earned their trust.

"Earning a god's favor will grant players powers within the god's domain, but drawing a god's wrath may cause them to inflict a torment on the heroes at the worst possible moment," explains Codemasters. Sounds interesting.

June 28, 2007