RIP, Mirror's Edge leaderboards, 2008-2023

Mirror's Edge
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Electronic Arts will be shutting down servers for Mirror's Edge and a handful of other games early next year.

EA's support site keeps a running tab of which of the publisher's games have had their online features shut down over the years. Servers for Mirror's Edge, NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, Shank 2, and Gatling Gears will all be shut down on January 19, 2023, as Idle Sloth notes on Twitter.

Mirror's Edge is certainly the most notable of those titles, though its online features are pretty limited. The game doesn't have any proper multiplayer options, just leaderboards for its well-loved time trial challenges. Judging by a quick glance at the top times in the game right now, the leaderboards have long since been marred by hackers, which limits their usefulness as an actual measure of the world's skills - but hey, if you were planning any Mirror's Edge leaderboard competitions with your friends list, your time is running out.

You will, of course, still be able to play the main single-player story of Mirror's Edge without issue, and play the time trials against yourself. The time trial DLC should be unaffected, as well.

Curiously, Shank 2 and Gatling Gears are no longer published by EA. Games like Knockout City, whose developer Velan Studios now self-publishes the title, are listed as having been shut down on this support site, despite the fact that servers remain up without EA.

While leaderboards aren't the most devastating loss for Mirror's Edge fans, there's been little good news for the series in recent years. A single sequel, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, launched to mixed response in 2016, and developer DICE has put projects like Mirror's Edge on the backburner as it focuses on Battlefield.

EA's not fully giving up on this part of its history, and our hands-on with Dead Space Remake suggests there's plenty of life left in the late 2000s classics.

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