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Rick and Morty creators offer season 5 update, revealing how they are working on episodes remotely

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Rick and Morty season 4 was a long time coming. Not only was there a hefty wait following season 3, but also an extended break midway through the season. And while we've previously heard from co-creator Justin Roiland that the scripts for Rick and Morty season 5 (opens in new tab) are "in the can", a new update has revealed they are perhaps not complete.

 "We had already finished Season 4 [before the pandemic], and the writers are working on Season 5 in two-hour blocks through Zoom," Dan Harmon, who acts as showrunner alongside Roiland, recently told The Wrap (opens in new tab). "There are a lot of things that are better about a Zoom writers’ room, and they are balanced out by things that are worse." 

Harmon went on to explain that it's become apparent how men are "a little more socialized to interrupt and to be interrupted" whereas women "consider it rude" and end up with the "shorter end of the stick". 

"And everyone is equalized in the interruption sense in a Zoom writers’ room," he continued. "If one person starts talking at the same time as another person, there is no amount of testosterone or estrogen or upbringing that can change the fact that the only thing that’s happening is everyone can no longer understand what’s going on. And I think that’s a good thing, because it really democratizes what can be an easily ignored psychological thing that could continue to go on in a physical writers’ room."

Roiland was also on hand to give an insider look at how the Rick and Morty writers' room works, calling it "actually kind of awesome" working over Zoom. "In a physical writers’ room, we have a dry-erase board that’s used quite extensively," he said. "And in the digital writers’ room, you can screen share and I can have my Cintiq [a digital drawing tablet] and I can be drawing something that everyone is seeing and then I can take that off and we can pop back over to the scripts. The nice thing about that is now my drawings are saved vs. a photo of a whiteboard."

So there you have it – Rick and Morty season 5 is currently being written, just via Zoom. In related news, Dan Harmon has been extra busy as the former Community showrunner has signed a contract with Fox to produce a new animated show (opens in new tab).

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