Revolution will be 'easy to port to'

Reggie Fils-Aime, sales and marketing boss at Nintendo, has claimed that Revolution will be well supported by non-Nintendo next-gen software, despite the machine's unique controller and often-rumoured lower than PS3 and Xbox 360 specs.

In a presentation to the thrillingly titled UBS Global Media Conference, Nintendo's outsized spokesman revealed that the majority of third-party developers have already reported that they expect to find it "easy to port" their games to Nintendo's new machine.

Numerous major developers - including EA, Square and Namco - were mentioned as being delighted to publish titles for Revolution, with Sega in particular being quoted as saying, "I don't think there's a creator who doesn't get tickled after getting their hands on this."

But while Reggie seemed keen to talk about others transplanting games on to Revolution, he also emphasised originality, adding, "The most ambitious of the developers will write new code, different code, to allow the controller to be taken into brand new directions."

With more companies receiving their Revolution devkits over the coming months and Nintendo expected to finally reveal the machine in May, we will have more information on the specs, stats and software support of this exciting next-gen machine very soon.