Revolution 1.03 "No Quarter" REVIEW

TV REVIEW There may be a spark of life in this show yet

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Revolution 1.03 “Chained Heat” TV REVIEW

Episode: 1.03
Writer: Monica Owusu-Breen
Director: Sanford Bookstaver

THE ONE WHERE Nora and Miles make a run for it back to the Rebel camp while Aaron and Maggie search for Grace.

VERDICT Previously I was worried about Revolution with its clean faces and moustache-twirling villains, but this week brings enough story meat to the table to make good. A definite improvement over the last couple of episodes with a lovely twist and a nice big explosion.

Shame, then, that with all the digital channels available there's no confirmed UK air-date. The reluctance of broadcasters is kind of understandable. Recent examples of high concept shows like Flash Forward and The Event , which borrowed a bit of the “take a mad idea and run with it” ethos of Lost , both fell after one series. each starting strong then descending into a bit of a confusing mess. To this show’s credit, the first three episodes of Revolution have spent most of the time with the characters not the concept (which feels like sleight of hand as you tune in for a show about the end of the world and getting the a show about the beginning of another), but this also feels like a considerable strength as the show moves forward slowly giving the characters their own motivations and conflicting views. I'm hoping, like the moss on the buildings and cars, it's going to be a grower.

It's not an episode without flaws, as a militia leader lectures about the scarcity of bullets, then five minutes later launches a full-on bullet shower musket assault on a rebel base before checking there's anyone inside. Also Miles' ability to remove a single brick from a wall is so unrealistic it's almost magical.

Episode three feels more confident and there's welcome addition in the edgy militia CEO played by Mark Pellegrino. The big “no electric” concept hook is mostly in the background, and there's another flashback, which is a bugbear of mine. Focusing on Miles, Charlie and Nora in the present gives each time to develop, and even poor kidnapped Danny gets to show his teeth.

UNFORTUNATE VICTIM OF THE WEEK Poor uncredited, mortally-wounded rebel soldier. You were great. Even though you didn't have a speaking role so Charlie couldn't hear your dying words.

ELECTRIVIA Benjamin Franklin was one of the founders of the United States and got quite excited by electricity. Popular folklore has it the he tied a metal key to a kite and flew it in a storm to see what would happen. Fortunately he didn't get fried by the forces of nature, and instead helped discover conductivity and the invention of the lightening rod.

IT’S WOSSISNAME? That Mark Pellegrino fella? That'd be Jacob from Lost , and Lucifer from Supernatural , among other things.

Uncredited rebel soldier on deathbed: “....”
Charlie: “I can't… [hear you]”

John Cooper

UK airing information: None As Yet.

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