PS5 exclusive Returnal delayed one month to April

(Image credit: Housemarque)

Housemarque's upcoming PS5 exclusive Returnal has been delayed by one month until April.

The revised release date for Returnal is now April 30, as you can see from the announcement from the official PlayStation Twitter account just below. Returnal was previously scheduled to launch in just under two months from now on March 19, but it's now going up against the New Pokemon Snap on April 30.

Returnal is the first PS5 exclusive game of 2021. Even being delayed by a month, Housemarque's rogue-like shooter is still the first game to be exclusively launching on Sony's next-gen console for the coming year.

When Returnal launches in April, it'll support DualSense features on the PS5's controller. For example, if you press the left trigger halfway in, you'll zoom in to aim at a distant target, but pressing the trigger all the way switches your weapon to its alternate fire mode.

If you're unfamiliar with Returnal, it's a third-person action-shooter set on an alien world, in which a sole character must brave an ever-changing world and deadly alien monsters. Every time the character falls in battle, the planet and monsters change somewhat, hence the rogue-like element to Housemarque's game.

It's through this design concept that developer Housemarque aims to "create unlimited replay value" for players with Returnal. For our in-depth interview with the developer on their upcoming PS5 exclusive game, head over to our Big in 2021 Returnal interview for hidden gameplay details, among other new info.

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