Return of the Kingdom

Wednesday 29 March 2006
Tetsuya Nomura, director of Kingdom Hearts II, has revealed that a further Kingdom game is in the pipeline. KHII has only just reached American shores - while the date of the UK release remains unclear - but the game has performed so well in Japan on PS2 that mentions of a follow-up aren't so much wishful thinking as obligation.

The next game in the franchise isn't a direct continuation of the recent sequel, but, according to Nomura's plans, one that will take place around the existing games.

Above: Will we ever see a copycat crossover? Like, Looney Tunes meets Zelda?

For the uninitiated, the Kingdom Hearts games - two on PS2, and one on GBA - are RPG fusions of the worlds and characters from both the Disney and Final Fantasy universes, and the resulting outings make for some beautiful adventures.

As for the next game, it's likely that we'll see something of it at the upcoming E3 event.