Resistance dev: Ten reasons why PS3 will win

Hastings has updated a blog with his ten reasons why he thinks PS3 is the one to beat in the next-gen console war. Quickly though, he points out that "Insomniac is a 100% independent development studio. Sony has neither endorsed nor authorized what I'm writing here."

He added, "I wanted to address an ongoing industry phenomenon. Specifically, the sheer volume of negative spin toward Sony from both the mainstream press and the internet community. Mere minutes after Sony announced a beautiful, ground breaking, free, community-enhancing online PS3 service, 100 internet posters were trying to argue that this was somehow a bad thing."

"Whether you love or hate Sony, if you're trying to spin Home as a bad thing I can only conclude that you're part of Microsoft's $3.2 billion viral marketing campaign."

Above: The PS3 is on top

Without further ado, Hastings's ten reasons you need to sit up and listen to PS3.

  1. Home%26LittleBigPlanet
  2. Free Online
  3. 50 GB games
  4. Casino Royale
  5. HDMI
  6. Standard HDD
  7. The Wii Fad Will Fade
  8. PS3 Has a Major CPU Advantage
  9. PS2 still outselling 360
  10. Something For Everyone

Hastings goes into some depth behind each of his ten reasons. You can find them here.

March 28, 2007