Resident Evil confirmed for Wii

Wednesday 10 May 2006
Capcom has today confirmed that a special Wii-mote-using version of Resident Evil is already in development for Wii. What it hasn't said though is if the game is a version of the already revealed PS3 and Xbox 360 game, Resident Evil 5, or if a whole new instalment in the survival-horror series is on its way.

While the release date and name of the game also remain under wraps, Capcom did manage to issue a long but rather vague statement:

"The next-generation console Wii is garnering much attention with its groundbreaking new controller. The new Resident Evil game for the console will combine the series' intense gaming experience and atmosphere with the revolutionary control system of Wii."

We'll bring you more details and the first screens just as soon as we can barge our way round to the South Hall for our exclusive meeting with Capcom but, until then, just think of how much fun you could have with the Wii-mote, a few hundred zombies and enough space to swing a digital cricket bat...