Resident Evil 8 alleged playtest leak details enemies, a boss fight, and inventory UI

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An alleged Resident Evil 8 playtest leak may reveal details about enemies, a boss fight, inventory UI, and more. 

The supposed leak surfaced on Biohazard Declassified (opens in new tab) via RelyonHorror (opens in new tab), and seemingly goes into detail about different features in a particular segment of Resident Evil: Village. Biohazard Declassified does state this may or may not be true and claims that the information comes from someone who either participated in the reported playtest, or from someone who is close to a participant who took part in it. 

While the information does present some interesting ideas about what we may see in the game, as with any leak, take everything you read with a hefty pinch of salt. 

The leak claims that the purported playtest let players explore a castle-like environment that takes place on a "higher level", where they needed to find a key to access "a big door downstairs". 

Enemies encountered in this area are said to have "almost rotten skin", with tattoos on their forehead and hands. "Some have armor, but not like knight armor, that can be shot off." Apparently, players are said to have only gone up against "normal" enemies, and not any werewolf-like creatures like the ones we were first introduced in the announcement trailer. 

"They [the enemies] do speak in a distorted foreign language. Some carried daggers, swords, axes, and even spears. There are some without armed weapons. They jump and grab and bite similar to Resident Evil 3, and you can button-mash to take less damage. Some enemies will throw you to the ground instead of biting." 

The leak also details an enemy with a sword who's said to have a special attack that can behead protagonist Ethan. Alongside standard enemies, the leak also details a boss fight against a "witch" figure referred to as Olga who appears to be accompanied by insects that Ethan only has to fight if Olga spots him. 

"In this boss fight, players grabbed a torch to use fire to scare her insects off to get Olga exposed and shoot her. After a bit of shooting, she'll transform into this insect/spider-like creature with long spider legs." 

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It goes on to detail that Olga releases more insects in this creature form that still has human features, but they're now covered in a black gooey substance. While we don't know for sure how accurate or reliable this information is, in the reveal trailer at around the 2:00 minute mark (opens in new tab), there is a figure showered with insects that could be this "Olga" witch-like boss. 

Outside of enemies and boss battles, the leak also lightly details some weapons used in the segment such as a handgun, an "unbreakable knife," and temporary melee weapons. Interestingly, it also claims that the inventory screen is similar to the concept of Resident Evil 4's, with a UI design akin to the one featured in Resident Evil 7. A mysterious woman in robes is also said to be a merchant character of sorts who "has many goods to sell and rumours to share." 

Again, without being able to verify any of this information, it's mostly speculation for now, but it'll be interesting to see just how accurate this leak turns out to be when we learn more. 

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