Resident Evil 6 trailers shows off new Ada Wong campaign and Agent Hunt mode

Resident Evil 6 might be hitting store shelves in a matter of weeks, but there's still so much we don't truly know about it. For instance, we thought the game was limited to three full campaigns, one each starring Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Jake "Wekser Jr" Muller. As was revealed today, there are at least two more areas in the game, one starring Ada Wong and brand new mode called Agent Hunt. Here's Our first look at Ada's story...

Unlocked after the other three campaigns are complete, Ada's solo adventure fills in the gaps in those stories. Not unlike the Ada missions that were included in some versions RE4, this takes plot points and shows them from Ada's point of view. Ada's mode also has a bigger emphasis on puzzles. Check out our fuller preview here.

Then there's Agent Hunt...

Just as the many storylines intersect and allow for more than two players to team-up in specific points, Agent Hunt puts you in the shoes of the monsters in those same sections. You'll jump into other players' games and take on the role of the enemies. They're weaker than the main characters, but you can respawn pretty quickly.

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Henry Gilbert

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