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Remedy dusting off Death Rally for the App Store

After its 5-year odyssey developing Alan Wake, Remedy Games is going back to its roots with the release of an updated version of its debut game, Death Rally, for iOS systems.

Originally developed for PCs back in 1996, Death Rally is a top-down driving game with – as the title clearly states – a lot of guns, explosions and other methods of obliterating one's opponents. The updated version for iPhones and iPads will feature many of the core elements from the original, although with better graphics and more ways in which to die. It isn't clear yet how Remedy will work in a multiplayer component, but given Death Rally's genre and Apple's tech, it's more than likely that players will have at least some means by which to gun down friends and random strangers.

Death Rally will hit the App Store in March, but for those that can't wait for their nostalgia fix, it is also available now as a free Windows download over at Remedy's site.

Source: [Remedy Games via Gamespot]

Jan 13, 2011

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