Relive bittersweet memories of To the Moon with this music box

Remember To The Moon? One of the saddest video games ever? Now that Freebird Games is releasing A Bird Story in November, I was just thinking to myself that I should go back and play To the Moon again. And while I'm at it, make everyone else in the office play it too. *nudge nudge* One of the things I adore about To the Moon is the soundtrack. Okay, so I like soundtracks in general and this game would likely be just as wonderful without it. But without the music, I don't think there would be as many tears shed. That's what I'd like to believe anyway.

Now it's probably best you go play the game first, because if you agree that the music is awesome, then it would make sense to spend $45 USD for thislovely grand piano music box. If you don't need the piano treatment, you could also just get the music box to the tune "Everything's Alright" by Laura Shigihara.

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Sophia Tong
Sophia is a transplanted Canadian who loves video games, dogs, poutine, snowboarding, photography, food, and naps.