RedOctane on Guitar Hero III: "We need to be trusted"

Speaking on episode 53 of theOfficial Xbox Magazine podcast, Guitar Hero II associate producer Ted Lange and lead guitarist Marcus Henderson implored fans not to assume the worst for Guitar Hero III just because of a change in developers. "More than anything, I would say, just... we need to be trusted," said Lange. "We really do know what we’re doing."

Adds Henderson: "There is no way to ruin this thing unless we absolutely all give up, cave in, and the world falls in on itself. We care more about this game, we care more about this IP and this idea than anybody could possibly imagine. Therefore, we have our sort of 'guardians of the rock' protecting this thing at any given moment from any incoming influence that would screw it up."

The team hints vaguely at what will be added for the third chapter, touches on GHII's downloadable tracks (which Lange says might indeed include tracks from the original Guitar Hero), and explains why the game won't be out until April 3rd - especially considering that OXM reviewed the game in its March 2007 issue. The RedOctane interview starts at the 27 minute mark in thepodcast, but there are contest giveaways before and after if you're greedy.

February 23, 2007