Redfall director thinks Arkane will return to "sealed" Dishonored-style worlds

Redfall screenshot
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Redfall's director thinks Arkane will likely return to "sealed" worlds after the new horror shooter's wide-open map.

"I like and we will eventually probably go back to the very sealed kind of like immersive sim environments," Redfall director Harvey Smith told GamesRadar+ in a recent interview. Smith goes on to add that Redfall's co-op campaign and drop-in, drop-out multiplayer specifically benefits from an open world for the player to wander around in.

However, the new direction for Redfall doesn't mean Arkane is about to abandon the formula it's curated over the past decade. Smith highlights Prey as one of his "favorite games of all time," and points to the 2017 reboot as a reason he'd personally like Arkane to return to more linear experiences.

"I mean, like, why couldn't we do what we do open world? You know, why couldn't we? And then you get into it, and you're, 'you know, oh, well, there's a reason why everybody doesn't do this,'" Smith continues. Redfall is seemingly chasing the benefits of being an open world game without going full-tilt into the design philosophy behind the genre, as Smith indicates.

"You know, there's still time to make... I have three or four more games in me, I hope. And so we will, at some point, I feel like we'll pendulum back to what people know us for," Smith adds. The director is adamant, however, that "people are going to love Redfall," even if it is something markedly different from Dishonored or Prey, or even Deathloop for that matter.

This is no doubt brilliant news for those Arkane fans who're hoping to perhaps see something a little more familiar from Arkane after its venture into open world co-op shooter territory. Head over to our full Redfall preview interview for an extensive chat with Smith as well as Arkane veteran Ricardo Bare. 

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