Red ring of death for Microsoft

BBC news reports this morning that the infamous red ring of death was caught on camera at Microsoft's Game Developers Conference booth.

"Microsoft wants consumers to believe that its problems with the Xbox 360 console in terms of hardware failure are over," says the BBC, referring to the chatter over 360's alarming failure rate this time last year.

The report continues: "But wandering through the Game Developers Conference halls and it's clear that the problem persists."

After making the hilarious discovery, BBC went to the effort of recording and posting a video of the faulty console and its flashing red lights. Yes, it's a jab at the corporate giant, but it's more funny than malicious.

Luckily, the extended three-year warranty still applies, so Microsoft can get that machine fixed for free, hopefully in time for GDC 2009.

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 19, 2008