Red Carpet: Mission: Impossible III

Well, we guess it’s true what they say - the show really must go on. Only last weekend, Tom Cruise cancelled his appearances on the promotional tour for Mission: Impossible III after the birth of his daughter Suri - TC decided to stay at home with his newborn and fiancée Katie Holmes.

The Cruiser only decided to head out on the road after Batman Begins star Holmes talked him into it but it still wasn’t a cert that Tom would turn up in London.

So when Cruise rolled up, the Leicester Square faithful lost their cookies as the star spent four hours pounding the carpet - chatting, signing, making phone calls and cracking that 20 million dollar smile. Then he was gone, straight back to Hollywood no doubt… and a good job too. When a woman says: “Okay, you can go,” she rarely means it, Tom. Rookie mistake.

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