Recon new Extraction Point trailer

Monday 16 October 2006
A new trailer for Extraction Point, the upcoming expansion pack for PC shock-and-gore shooter FEAR, has been released - hit the movies tab above for a dose of high-velocity bamfing.

Sadly it doesn't show off too much of the game, preferring to spend half its running time congratulating itself for the original FEAR being so good - but when it does kick in with some furious gunfights, wall-climbing freaks and near-invisible poltergeists, all is forgiven.

It also misses a trick by not breaking out the new minigun weapon, which thrilled us so in our last hands-on with the game. But it's clear that Extraction Point should pack enough destruction for all appetites when it's released on 27 October, just in time for Halloween - we'll have more on this celebration of spooks and sparks soon.