Rayman Raving Rabbids

If you've been following the limbless hero Rayman's new game at all, you've no doubt seen a few too many movies showcasing the pint-sized, maniacal "rabbids." They've ambushed Rayman's colorful world and are forcing him to act like an idiot - it's your job to entertain and distract them with excellent performances so you can break free.

Our three new shots don't reveal much, but the press release was chock-full of excited bits of information. "Wacky" appears no fewer than three times, along with "70 quirky trials" and the ability to "use your funky dance moves to outwit the bunnies." Busting successful moves increases your stature with the rabbids, and gives you access to customizable accessories for your rather bland jail cell. We gather more solid gameplay details will start to show up closer to Raving Rabbid's November release date.

July 28, 2006