Rayman Rabbid reel

"Wacky" and "zany." Two words we'd normally dodge, but today we embrace them both because this cute trailer for Wii launch game Rayman Raving Rabbids has melted even our stony hearts.

Not only is this clip both wacky and zany, it also reveals some of the minigames and their mechanics. So with a Rabbid at the controls of a Wii-mote, we see Rayman furiously building up speed to catapult a Rabbid dressed as Superman, firing plungers in a first-person shooter and drowning the fluffy terrors by filling their snorkels with orange juice.

But why are we telling you when you can sample it for yourself via the Movies tab above? And once you've watched that, you'll want to know that this is only the start of the anarchy, with the final game including 70 different levels for up to four players.

And if you want to read more, cast your eyes across this hands-on preview, and rest assured we'll have more from the limbless wonder pretty soon, as launch for both him and Wii gets ever closer.

November 7, 2006