Raving Rabbids TV series announced

Ubisoft has announced a licensing agreement with Nickelodeon toair a Raving Rabbids TV series. Ubisoft will produce 78 seven-minute CG episodes that Nickelodeon will package and broadcast as 26 half-hour episodes around the world.

“BWAAAAAAAH,” explained one excited Rabbid when questioned about its thoughts about the upcoming series. “BWAABLE, BWAAAB working with Nickelodeon, BWAAAH, audiences around the world, BWAAMM, Ubisoft Motion Pictures, BWAAAAAAH.”*

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Raving Rabbids’ show to debut. The TV series isn’t scheduled to air until the beginning of 2013. Now, if only we also had an Assassin’s Creed show to look forward to as well.

Oct 6, 2011