RadioRadar podcast 077: Irrational Thinking

BioShock's up in the air and we're talking presidents on this week's RadioRadar. Also, Danky Kang.

Hosts: Hollander Cooper, Henry Gilbert, Lucas Sullivan, Ryan Taljonick, Greg Henninger, Tom Magrino
Question of the week: What studio do you want to make the next BioShock game, and why? Also listen to the episode for a special question! Answer to win something cool.
Intro song by Danny Baranowsky

Hollander Cooper

Hollander Cooper was the Lead Features Editor of GamesRadar+ between 2011 and 2014. After that lengthy stint managing GR's editorial calendar he moved behind the curtain and into the video game industry itself, working as social media manager for EA and as a communications lead at Riot Games. Hollander is currently stationed at Apple as an organic social lead for the App Store and Apple Arcade.