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Race Driver 2006 review

Hit the road while you hit the road, then hit the road some more


  • Lots of race types and tracks
  • Bite-sized Trans World Cup gigs
  • Looks great


  • Some physics lag
  • Overly aggressive AI
  • Cockpit view half-assed

Some people could watch NASCAR and its purgatorial oval endlessly, but the rest of us demand a little more variety. It may not be quite up to the visual or simulation standards of its console brethren, but Race Driver 2006 is certainly a damn fine portable surrogate.

Fifteen different racing disciplines can be tackled in three main formats. The first is a career mode, through which you're introduced to the world of racing, and your mentor's thick Scottish brogue. Whether you're drifting a rally car or keeping a squirrelly open-wheeled indy from spinning out, there's more than enough diversity to keep any racing fan interested, even if your competition tends to be a bit more psycho than you'd expect. Secondary are the free racing and time trials that let you compete in championships on-the-fly, but they only become accessible once you've reached them in the main career mode.

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DescriptionFor breadth of experience, tightness of control, and overall racing enjoyment, this is the sim to beat.
US censor ratingTeen