Quick chat with Battlestar's Seelix

SFX spoke to model, filmmaker and actress Jen Halley about her character Diana Seelix when we caught up with her at Starfury's Battlestar Galactica convention in December.

The rest of this interview will be appearing in our amazing Battlestar Galactica-themed special issue, on sale Wednesday 4 March with posters and gifts! But we thought you might like this brief snippet as a little treat to get you in the mood.

SFX: How did you get on with the rest of the Battlestar cast?
"I always loved coming in early to watch Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos. They were remarkable to watch, and it was just like a lesson; a little acting class. And it was interesting because there were so many people, so many actors, and they all had their different styles. It was really good for me to sit and watch people's preparation, or how they worked. It was really great because you had a ton of people to watch. You just never wanted to be the one that let everyone down, you know?"

"Naturally there was the goofing around, and that's always fun, but you never wanna talk too much about that because no one really believes it's your work! I mean it's already a great secret. Is this possible that this is really something you get paid to do?!"

SFX: Did you blag any great souvenirs from the set?
"No, I didn't, I don't have the flight suit. But... Am I gonna get in trouble for this? They were kind of given to me - my dog tags! I have Seelix's dog tags. I'm gonna get in trouble now. [Laughs] Someone's gonna read this, and the NBC representative's gonna come knocking on my door, searching my house!"

SFX: Thanks Jennifer! Don't worry, mum's the word about the dog tags.

Don't forget to watch Battlestar Galactica on Sky1 tonight, UK viewers! There's a little interview with fellow actor Nicki Clyne online already, here .

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