Putting history to work

Today Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced that the Revolution's Virtual Console will not only feature titles from Nintendo's past library, but also Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx games. Of course, even hearing past the word "Sega" was difficult, as the clearly-excited crowd began to, as we like to call it, "freak the hell out."

Ten years ago, Sega and Nintendo were the most bitter of rivals. You could practically start a fistfight just by trash-talking one of the consoles. Now we can all join hands and fire up the best of the best from three separate software histories.

The Genesis and TurboGrafxrosterswould allowabout 1,000 possible downloads from day one. Now, there sure was a lot of garbage on both systems, so expect to see nothing but the big guns available for download. What games, how much they cost and how soon they'll be ready to grab was not revealed. Along with any further news related to the Revolution. That's all coming in a few weeks at May's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Brett Elston

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