Punchline goes solo in November DC special

(Image credit: DC)

DC will continue to shine a bright spotlight on its new Bat-villain Punchline in a just-announced 48-page one-shot special in November. 

The special is written by Batman scribe James Tynion IV and Sam Johns (DC’s Crimes of Passion) with art by Mirka Andolfo (DC Comics Bombshells), and will feature covers by Yasmine Putri and Frank Cho.

Starring the Joker's "new field general," the special promises to take readers behind the origins of the character that the publisher has given a lot of attention to in 2020. 

(Image credit: DC)

"Back when I first introduced Punchline, I said many times that this wasn’t going to be a flash in the pan character. That I had big plans for her moving forward, that would drive big story next year and beyond," says Tynion IV. "'Joker War' is over, but Punchline’s plans have only just begun. I’m thrilled to be telling this frightening story that expands her past, and sets up her future, with the amazing Sam Johns, and the incredible Mirka Andolfo. This is only the beginning!"
According to the publisher, facing the consequences of her role in 'The Joker War' story arc, the Punchline special "is the story of Alexis Kaye, and how she’ll take Leslie Thompkins, Harper Row, and Cullen Row on a harrowing journey that reveals her radicalization to The Joker’s ideology."

Here are three variants by Derrick Chew, Peach Momoko, and Kael Ngu.

"Fans immediately responded to Punchline," says co-writer Johns, "so I'm thrilled to be part of the team that gets to build the foundation of this deadly cult icon. Working with such a talented artist as Mirka means we didn't have to hold back on any of the action, horror, or romance... And when it comes to Punchline and Joker, you often need to pull off all three at once!"
Punchline #1 goes on sale Tuesday, November 10, 2020.

Look for DC's full November 2020 solicitations soon. 

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