PUBG creator makes a bold play, says his next game is "quite boring"

(Image credit: Brendan Green)

PUBG creator Brendan Green has unveiled more information about his new project, Prologue, but unfortunately it's "quite boring."

Speaking to GamesBeat, Greene said that the game would take place on a map that's up to 64km x 64km. That makes for a map that's 4096 sq km, several dozens times larger than PUBG's largest map, or roughly 455 times the size of Call of Duty Warzone's Verdansk.

Greene goes on to say, however, that Prologue won't exactly be full of things to do. The terrain will be in the style of a European forest, and will be marked by a realistic weather system. Beyond that, however, the developer says that "I think [Prologue will] be quite boring. Light fires, board up windows, keep yourself warm against the constant storm where cold weather will knock you out."

Prologue is, as Greene has already pointed out, little more than a tech demo for his new team's next project. That title, currently known as Artermis, is supposed to introduce an open-world that "will be planet-scale." Making a world that large is a challenge, but filling it with interesting things to do is even more difficult. 

Prologue is designed as a way to demonstrate the technology that the team has been working on, but while Artemis is the end-goal, we might not see it for five years or more. That could make for an interesting wait, particularly when all fans have to tide them over is a game that its own creator admits might be a bit dull.

Sounds like Prologue will test your skills, so swot up with our list of the best survival games.

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