PSP's GB cable woes clarified

September 5, 2007

Werevealed on Monday that UK retailer GAME was not expecting any TV cables for the new PSP 'Slim & Lite' when it launches on September 14 in the UK.Now we've got statements from both GAME and Sony to clear up the issue... only there's just one problem: they contradict each other.

GAME spokesman Fiona Haldane told us:

"I can confirm that the PSP Slim & Lite will NOT have the necessary cables available for launch, this will be sold separately after the launch although the date is tbc. We have a note on our website to confirm this (see asterisk at bottom of page). This is what Sony has informed us."

ButSonydirectlyissued us with the following statement:

"The PSP Slim and Lite will not contain any cables in the box but they will be available at launch. The White SKU will not be available until October though."

So... definitely no cable in the box and probably cables available at launch. Nice to have a smooth release for a change, eh?

Above: As our picture above shows, the manual for the sexy new PSP states 'sold separately' when it mentions the TV cable and the list of contents both in the manual and on the box is also devoid of a mention

Justin Towell

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