PSN will be down for an hour with maintenance in the early morning of October 26

PS4 players, I wouldn't suggest planning any late-night Destiny Raids or GTA Online heists for next week. The PlayStation Network will be going down for maintenance starting at 12:30am local time October 26, and is scheduled to be unavailable for an hour.

Sony says that you'll still be able to log in, play games, and use "most" applications, but Account Management, the PlayStation Store, and PlayStation Video will all be unavailable. If you haven't yet set your home PS4 as your primary console, be sure to do that ahead of maintenance, as leaving this box unchecked can cause problems.

The Sony service was having troubles earlier today with the aforementioned Account Management, the PlayStation Store, and PlayStation Video, but those have since been resolved. Hopefully the maintenance crew makes sure everything is up to code and running smooth.

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Sam Prell

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