PS5 launch in Japan was smaller than every PlayStation console except the PSP

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A Japanese analyst has claimed that the PlayStation brand is in "decisive decline" in the region, citing low sales of the company's latest console, the PS5

In an article on Japan, translated and republished on Resetera (via VGC), Ace Economic Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda said that the PS5's launch was Sony's second-smallest ever in the region.

Yasuda says that Sony sold 240,000 PS5s in the console's first six weeks, a figure lower than any other Sony home console managed in the same timeframe, and higher than only the PSP. Based on those figures, the analyst suggests that his firm "cannot see" that "Sony has plans for success in the Japanese market."

Yasuda says that while Sony and SIE head Jim Ryan might claim to value the Japanese market, their actions don't live up to their words. Citing no Japanese narration for the PS5 reveal and manufacturing issues leading to limited launch allocation in the country, as well as the decision to shift Sony Interactive Entertainment's HQ to the US, the analyst suggests that the Japanese audience have "accused Sony of disregarding the Japanese market," and that the company's attitude to the region has been "rather cold."

Despite Yasuda's misgivings, Sony has cause to be confident about the PS5's launch, both in Japan and around the world. The console's Japanese launch outsold the Xbox Series X's more than four times over, with global sales on day one topping 2 million. Jim Ryan has previously claimed that the PS5 will also outsell the PS4, shipping more than 7 million units by April.

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