PS4 update means you can now create and share gifs, the language of the internet

PS4's Sharefactory (the app that lets you, you know, share video and images from your console) has been updated. Along with general performance improvement, Sharefactory has added animated gifs, along with the ability to add captions in outlined Impact font - aka "internet meme" font. You know, the words you see on stuff like this: 

The update also adds the ability to create photo collages made from multiple screenshots, the ability to use "split clip" on a second video track, PS4 Pro support, new stickers, pan and zoom functionality, and a 20% boost to export speed.

Even with those other options, I imagine gifs will be the most popular way PS4 owners express themselves, so here's some things to keep in mind: Gifs you create can be uploaded directly to Twitter from Sharefactory, so make sure you have your account linked. They can be up to 10 seconds long, so try to squeeze whatever moment you want to capture into that timeframe.

Lastly, you can indeed add the meme font to a Sharefactory-created gif, so prepare for a wave of creators throwing out their best jokes. Will your clips become the next dat boi? Only time will tell.

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Sam Prell

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