PS3 won't be as big as PS2, says EA boss

EA expects Sony's dominance of the videogame market to slip in the current hardware war, but expects PS3 to still come out on top.

Speaking at an investor conference hosted by Morgan Stanley in the US, Probst said, "We expect that there will be a more level playing field this time around than last time. I think the issue is that (the PS3 is) expensive." He also added the high price should not be a surprise to anyone as Sony said it would cost $600 at last year's E3.

All eyes are on March 23 as PS3 rolls out in Europe. "No one should count Sony out at this point in the game. This is going to be a long race," Probst added.

It was revealed last week that former Chief Operating Officer John Riccitiello would return as CEO on April 2, with Probst moving to an executive chairman role.

Source: Reuters

March 8, 2007