PS3 to debut for $500?

During an interview with French radio station Europe 1, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Vice President George Fornay let slip some details about PlayStation 3 pricing plans. According to Fornay, the PS3 will likely debut in November at around 500 euros, although he added that the price could range between 499 and 600 euros.

Five hundred euros translates to about $612, but pick your jaw up off the floor. In the past, the only pricing consistency between US and European game systems has been a numeric one - that is, a $150 PS2 costs 150 euros, the Xbox 360 debuted at 299 and 399 euros, and so on. So while we could be wrong - especially considering that European plans could change - our money's on the PS3 going for between $499 and $600 when it arrives stateside. Start saving now, kids.

April 5, 2006

Above: This thing could cost anywhere from $499 to more than $700 when it hits in November

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