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PS3 Ratchet: It's not all about guns

Building on the bright and breezy world you’ve already seen in thetrailerfor Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, newscreenshotshave been released for their first foray onto the PS3, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Equally stunning is the confirmation from developer Insomniac that the series will move away from Ratchet’s aggressive, combat orientated exploits in Up Your Arsenal and Gladiator to return to its platforming roots.

The intention, according to Insomniac president Ted Price, is to revisit what people loved about Ratchet and Clank originally – how it was an experience that induced awe and wonder.And on PS3, the gameworld is stunning. Pop your jaw back in and take another look. The whole landscape is packed with detail and activity, from the sheer number of vines growing on nearby trees to the innocuous flow of air traffic overhead.

Small pieces of plot have also started to emerge, with the main protagonist an enemy from Ratchet’s past coming back to haunt him. Which we hope means we will finally get some answers as to Ratchet’s origins. Also confirmed is the return of several supporting characters, including the pitiful Captain Qwark, who boasts all the skill ofZapp Brannigan.