PS3 pulls the cable

Tuesday 5 September 2006
Those planning to buy a PS3 when Sony launches its new console in November will have to pay a little extra for the full hi-def experience, with the HDMI cable being supplied separately to the console package.

PS3's much-trumpeted HDMI output capability - High Definition Multimedia Interface, the current king of the high-definition displays - already comes at a higher price than the basic model console, but the official American PS3 site has recently revealed that you'll be paying extra again. The full PS3 console and your swanky new hi-def telly may be HDMI-ready, but a cable to connect the two won't be included in the PS3 box.

While Sony has never claimed that an HDMI cable would be packed with PS3, it becomes another not-so-optional extra to add to the cost of the machine itself and games. Electronics suppliers' prices for HDMI cables vary by length and quality, but you can expect to pay between £16 and £60 for currently available cables.

Sony will likely distribute its own PS3-brand cable as well, although prices for any PS3 accessories have yet to be listed - including the PS2/PSone Memory Card adaptor you'll need to access your old save-games if you're planning on backwards compatibility.