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PS3: In-game XMB confirmed for 2008

Jan 9, 2008

360 fans can wallow in the glory of superior in-game menus for the time being, but before the year is out the dream of in-game XMB access on PS3 will become a reality. Finally.

After the pain of the expected in-game XMB not appearing in firmware 2.0, a Sony spokesperson finally did us all a favour by confirming that the much-requested feature will be with us in 2008, but was reluctant to reveal a more specific date.

In-game XMB access would right so many of PS3's wrongs - friend list access, sending and receiving messages, starting music playback and more WITHOUT having to quit your game. Basically, all the things 360 could do from the start.

That'll do just nicely, but that's not all we want out of future firmware updates.

[Source: The Game Reviews]

Courtesy of CVG.