PS3 Home: Orcs not welcome

Gamers hoping to create a green-skinned and generously fanged persona in PS3's social online hub, Home, will need to rethink their designs as the ability to sculpt any such far-fetched creature from fantasy land simply won't be catered for.

Home's executive producer, Peter Edwards, has explained that outlandish, non-human avatars definitely won't be a feature of PS3's ambitious online space. "It's not the Home ethic," Edwards told UK Official PlayStation Magazine. "If everyone's walking around dressed as orcs or stormtroopers or whatever, then you lose that welcoming, accessible element that means Mum, Dad and your sister might get involved as well. The idea is to keep it as accessible, mainstream and friendly as possible."

It's certainly a fair enough point that Edwards makes, although we're sure closet cosplayers will be hoping that Sony will, on occasion, give Home's users the opportunity to dress their online dollies in something more creative and interesting than a selection of generic garments. After all, a bit of fancy dress can be fun, right?

Above: No orcs. Nostormtroopers. No cycloptic gelatinous blobs. Shame

June 5, 2007

Matt Cundy
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