PS3 firmware will improve, say tech bosses

PS3 software engineers, SCE chief technology officer Kawanishi and AV manager Kanehide, have been discussing the future of firmware updates, Next Gen reports. The duo feel there's still room to upscale visual and audio quality by 30 to 40 percent and can forsee a fanless PS3.

Kawanishi and Kanehide stated in an AV Watch interview that future firmware updates will allow for greater audio and visual upscaling without increasing fan noise. They also hinted that a fanless PS3 may be available at a later date.

"We have gotten feedback from them (critics) regarding several failure patters for upconverting, but we are getting closer to the goal. I think we can improve another 30 to 40%," said Kawanishi.

"So far, we are not worried too much since we have plenty of processing power left even at peak usage," added Kanehide.

"Nothing yet comes close to the load that Folding@Home applies. And I can see the possibility of a fan-less PS3 in the future, just like there was for the PS2," Kawanishi went on.

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June 20, 2007