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PS3 exclusive FFXIII bonus is remarkably vague

As you're no doubt aware, Final Fantasy XIII launches all over the world today and several gamers, GamesRadar eds included, aren't sure which version to pick up. There are pros and cons to each side, like the 360 version comes on three (!) discs and displays at an imperceptibly lesser resolution than the PS3 version, but Achievement whores may prefer to experience Square's newest mega-RPG on their 360s. To sweeten the PS3 pot, Sony's revealed an "incentive" program for those who pick up their version instead - but it's hardly a system-selling bonus.

SCEA Senior Vice President Rob Dyer revealed the special gift in a post on the officialPlayStation blog, announcing those who buy the PS3 version of XIII will get a secret in-game item in Final Fantasy XIV (fingers crossed for Odin's horse armor). The second part of the bonus is a bizarrely worded half-announcement, stating PS3 owners will "be able to enter for a potential opportunity to become a beta tester."

Above:Wouldyou like to possibly beable to consider thinking about enteringfor a chanceto play in a pre-release beta?

Free stuff is always good, don't get us wrong. But that's a lot of conditional statements for what amounts to "you might get to play in the beta that's coming later this year." Just give us the beta or don't. Why bother with such vagueness?

Buy the PS3 version for its one-disc Blu-ray tech or true HD display - not a lame-o sort-of promise about a game you may not even be interested in.

March 9, 2010