PS3 downloadable games revealed

Resident Evil Director's Cut and Tekken 2 will be two of the first PSone games that you'll be able to download to your PS3, with Sony Japan confirming that Japanese gamers will have access to PS3's online service from day one of the console's launch there on November 11.

Also available at launch is Blast Factor - the first of Sony's twitch-gaming Arcade-a-like downloadables.

Sony's other e-distribution titles, including flOw, Lemmings, Kazuo (also a PSP game) and other puzzle games, will be released as demos for the launch of PS3, with the complete games appearing before the end of the year. Other PSone downloadables will include the Wario Ware-esque Bishi Bashi Special, Arc the Lad, Hot Shots Golf 2, Silent Bomber and Mr Driller, with new games added every month.

PS3's link with PSP will see you able to download PSone games then transfer them across to the handheld. Although, how long it'll take - and what extra, like software, will be required - is anyone's guess.

Japanese gamers will also be able to access a demo of Ridge Racer 7 from launch day, soexpect to see exclusive downloads here too.

October 27, 2006