PS2 does motion-sensitive gaming

This Christmas, PS2 gamers will be able to play motion-sensitive games. We may not be talking Wii Sports here, but this is a commendable step in the right direction. Having played three different titles, each available for %26pound;29.99 with a motion-sensitive controller, we can say that it works. Not quite as well as a Wii-mote, but it still works.

The three games in question are Realplay Puzzlesphere, Realplay Pool and Realplay Racing. Take a look at the video and then we'll have a look at each one in turn.

Realplay Puzzlesphere
This gives you a wireless orb which senses how far you tip it and in which direction. This allows you to roll a ball around a maze - very much like a sort of futuristic sans-simian Super Monkey Ball. You must get to the exit as quickly as possible, before making a choice of path before heading to the next round. If you think of OutRun, with the track map at the end, you'll get a good idea of how this works.

The motion-sensitivity is solid and we were able to roll the ball pretty much wherever we wanted, although there does seem to be quite a big dead zone in the middle, so fine control is difficult. You can hold a button down to slow your Puzzlesphere, which helps. It's not bad, but we're not sure how fun the game would be after extended play.

Above: Realplay Puzzlesphere has a balance sensor that knows which way you're tilting your hand