PS Plus free trial drops just in time for Stray

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PlayStation Plus now offers a new seven-day trial for its Extra and Premium tiers.

As first reported earlier today by Eurogamer, PlayStation looks to have quietly added a new seven-day trial for PS Plus. The new trial lets users get in on a week of either the PS Plus's Extra or Premium tiers, and all the included games and store discounts the two tiers boast.

However, as Eurogamer notes, this isn't exactly a traditional trial. Rather than signing up for a completely free period, you'll need to sign up for either a monthly, three month, or annual plan for PS Plus, before being offered the option of getting seven days free before you start paying for whichever model you opted for.

Thankfully though, you can actually cancel the subscription to PS Plus Extra or Premium before the trial period ends and the contract starts in full. Therefore, although this looks like you can't cancel at first, you can actual take advantage of the new trial and not pay a single cent.

Additionally, the new trial isn't available to anyone who's already a member of the PS Plus subscription service on any tier. This is a brand new initiative that's only available to brand new PS Plus players. 

It's actually a pretty good time to be just joining the subscription service, as on top of all the established games readily available, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade and Marvel's Avengers are being added to the expansive library later this month. If that wasn't good enough, cat adventure game Stray debuts via the service tomorrow, so you can effectively get it to try out for free with the new trial.

Head over to our PS Plus tiers explained guide for a complete walkthrough of everything offered on every level of the revamped service. 

Hirun Cryer

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